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You may have noticed that there hasn’t been new on this blog for a few months now, mainly because I don’t have time to publish an entry every time I see something that interests me.

But I still like to blog so have a new site running with a better url: which I hope to update at least once a week with my own thoughts and words on what I find on the web. Please visit and sign up to the RSS feed to be kept up to date.

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6 of my favourite things from the Design Museum London

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“Now I know that a bucket of plastic soldiers only costs about £5 max but I still can’t help loving this £149 bowl. Ok, so it’s more form than function, but it so appeals to the Toy Story-lover in me.”

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The Impromptu Review: Best Camera Cafe’ EVER …

•19 Apr, 2008 • 1 Comment

“Camera Cafe’ is on Museum Street, which is located across from the British Museum entrance. On entering, the first thing you see are scores of old film (gasp!) SLR cameras–along with two or “regulars” around a glass counter. Camera equipment occupies every little nook and cranny of the tiny shop.”

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Stranger Photos Have Happened.

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Good afternoon,
I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up.
Love, Jay / The Plug

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Comment Designs for Web Designers

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This list shows 30 blogs where the web designer didn’t just throw together the same old comment design and put extra effort into their comment design.

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BBC Offers Job To PS3 iPlayer Hacker

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“The ps3iplayer port, according to said hacker, took less than day to create and allows PS3 users to access iPlayer by fooling the BBC servers into thinking your PS3 is a Wii – which the BBC has just started supporting.”

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A London Commuter’s Breakfast

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“A cup of tea or coffee. A probiotic drinking yoghurt or something else that can be glugged down very quickly. I see people on the London Underground all time just drinking coffee or juice or Red Bull or Coke. A few people munch on a croissant or a pastry from a coffee shop. The odd person here or there might be lucky enough to have a bacon roll or sarnie.”

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