A Pigeon That Totally Looks Like…

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He just shat a massive brussel sprout:

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Still No Invite to FFFFOUND? Try We Heart It Instead

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“In fact, it almost looks like We Heart It was created by someone who was tired of waiting for FFFFOUND to open up and thought, “I’ll just build my own…and I’ll make it better, too!” As with FFFFOUND, items are tagged as being liked via a browser bookmarklet (which does not work in IE, by the way). However, where FFFFOUND focuses only on image bookmarking, We Heart IT allows you to mark videos from Vimeo or YouTube as well.”

More at: www.readwriteweb.com

Unpackaged visit

•15 Apr, 2008 • 1 Comment

“I’ll admit I was hugely sceptical. It just sounds like some twee, middle England, poncey London, greenwashing fest. After all, anyone can sell this sort of stuff with no packaging.”

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Three Best Conversations With Las Vegas Taxi Drivers

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“I love you British people! You don’t take yourselves seriously. And you guys are crazy about soccer! And that Ricky Hatton? He was a great guy. We loved him!”

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I wonder how many businesses you could say this about?

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“And no I don’t mean ‘how many businesses are run by opticians’.”

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Marathon Mania In Pictures

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“Whether aiming for athletic glory, personal bests, remembering loved ones, raising cash for good causes or intent on maniacal self-testing of endurance, the elation on finished competitors’ faces as they spread out across London in their silver capes, limping but bearing well earned medals, some of them foolhardily rehydrating with lager, was proof enough that the Marathon remains a very special sort of race.”

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“All I want is your cheapest cab, innit”

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“I’m not really up to date on my cockney slang, and it seems the nice people at directory enquiries aren’t either. Joe Baxi, it’s a cab innit?”

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