Mobile Clubbing – Pillow Fight Club

Saturday 22 March, London, 15:03, Leicester Square. eventdetails.jpg

The rules of Pillow fight club are:

  1. Tell Everyone about pillow fight club
  2. Turn up at pillow fight club venue with pillow hidden in plastic carrier bag
  3. At exact given time pull pillow from bag and fight
  4. Do not fight anyone without pillow in hand (unless they want it)

More at:

~ by Tom on 20 Mar, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mobile Clubbing – Pillow Fight Club”

  1. whens the next one :)?

  2. picture!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keep an eye on the mobile clubbing website, and as for pictures, there’s some good ones on flickr, such as this set:
    Leicester Square Pillow Fight - 1

  4. ‘kay.

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