nefarious note taking photographers and other.

“This affects us because Daddy is a photographer and we do occasionally take trips to London, and we take pictures and the amount of hanging off of national monuments we do probably guarantees we look “odd””

“They discussed, vehemently, ways in which we could decide which odd looking nefarious note taking photographers should be reported to the police, and amongst others they came up with “sneak up behind them and read what their writing, first!” and “ask them if they are going to blow anything up!” In the end they couldn’t come up with a way to discern the terrorist note takers from all the others, but they both agreed that it wasn’t right to report people for looking “odd”, especially in a middle of a huge city that gets thousands of tourists,photographers and note takers visiting it every year.”

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~ by Tom on 6 Mar, 2008.

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