Are you disrespecting me?

“I’m not somebody who takes offence. If a passer-by steps on my toe in the street, I don’t assume they did it deliberately. If a colleague takes the mickey out of me at work, I don’t punch them in the mouth. If somebody ignores me at a party, I don’t go off and sulk in the corner. If I’m speaking with incompetent call centre staff over the phone, I don’t yell back at them. If somebody writes what I believe to be an ideologically unsound blogpost, I don’t waste my time ranting at length in their comments box. If somebody drops a chocolate wrapper on my doorstep, I don’t stab them to death. I believe in tolerance and giving people the benefit of the doubt. And my life is much happier as a result.”

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~ by Tom on 6 Mar, 2008.

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