Curvy Tube Map Re-visited

2259870533_9ab4d3d1ff_o.jpg“Version 2 was quite a challenge. The risk with many lines on an all-curves map is a flailing seasick-inducing tangle. People expected to see the “tangerine octopus” added (as named by diamondgeezer) but these lines have to blend in seamlessly and not draw the eye from the most important part on the map, the centre. For Overground, with all that overpowering orange, I ended up running the lines underneath the Underground lines. This diffuses the orbital mass of colour just enough. Purists will object, but take a look at the current official map, where which line goes above or below Overground seems to be random.”

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~ by Tom on 13 Feb, 2008.

One Response to “Curvy Tube Map Re-visited”

  1. what a load of bollocks, get a life and give your wife a shag before she leaves you. dooschbag

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