Mr Monopoly Questions London’s World-Class Status

monopoly-board.jpg“It seems that the folks over in Monopoly Land are holding an online vote to choose the world’s top twenty cities (in addition to two wild cards) for its Here & Now: World Edition version of the classic game. Winners will be awarded prime real estate slots in the world edition board game – leading us to wonder what currency will be favoured in so international a speculative property market – and the top city wins the board’s coveted dark blue space, usually occupied by Mayfair. At the time of writing, Montreal had a decisive hold on first place, followed by Paris and Cape Town in second and third, respectively, and London in fourth.  Pardon – fourth? That can’t be right. We find ourselves flabbergasted, mortified, appalled.”

More at:


~ by Tom on 12 Feb, 2008.

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