Anonymous Protests Outside Scientology Sites

careful_now.jpg“It was stressed repeatedly that this was a protest against the Church of Scientology, not against Scientologists’ beliefs – although the volcano/alien spirits/dark overlord Xenu came in for a fair amount of stick. If people want to believe in space aliens or sky fairies, that’s totally up to them. Anonymous took exception to the harassment and repressive censorship the CoS is known for, including its heavy-handed use of lawyers, its attempts to smear critics (the aforementioned ex-Scientologist Bonnie Woods’ neighbours were given leaflets with her face on, calling her a ‘religious bigot’ for her efforts to publicise the excesses of some members of the CoS leadership, and the Church was forced to pay her damages in 1996), its creepy anti-psychiatry campaigns (I’d hazard a guess that psychiatry and its associated medications have helped a heck of a lot more unhappy people than the CoS has, and confronting your inner demons has to be better than pretending they are the spirits of murdered aliens weighing you down), and so on.”

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~ by Tom on 12 Feb, 2008.

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