A London to-do-and-see list

“The transition in my feelings for London has not been easy, but is significant. My previous relationship with London was an exclusive hate-hate affair. I flew in, or rarely, got in on a train. I almost always had a bag weighing down on my shoulders and back, packed with clothes, books, my appendage namely my laptop, various chargers, camera, notebooks, and books-to-read, just in case. I always had a to-do list longer than my arms – work meetings, friends to meet, books to buy (and add to the verisame bag), so rarely was there time for museums, art galleries or just to sit and watch people go by. And there was always the plane or train that must not be missed.

Now it is different. When I have work meetings, I get out a tad early. I get some coffee; or browse books in my favourite bookstore, Hatchards, on Piccadilly; or mooch around in one of my favourite jewellery shops. Sometimes I step in to indulge my senses, except my palate, at La Maison du Chocolat. Today, I shall be meeting friends at the Southbank Centre, a pulsating hub of culture and music on the Thames’s south bank, before I head to an event for ‘geek girls’.”

More at: laviequotidienne.wordpress.com


~ by Tom on 14 Nov, 2007.

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