7 simple steps to an eco-friendly Hallowe’en

“6) Send your child out trick-or-treating unaccompanied: Everyone says it’s dangerous out there at Hallowe’en. Everyone says watch out for strangers with evil intent. Everyone says beware of murderers dressed up as little old ladies. Everyone says stay clear of back alleys and dimly-lit streets where knife-wielding maniacs might lurk. Everyone says double-check any sweets you’re given in case someone’s laced them with rat poison. But, quite frankly, the very best outcome for the environment this Hallowe’en is that your child ends up dead. That’d be 80 years of wasteful carbon footprint prevented in one simple stab wound. Go on, send ’em out by themselves, just this once. You know it make eco-sense.”

More at: diamondgeezer.blogspot.com


~ by Tom on 31 Oct, 2007.

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