I Never Knew That About London

“There’s only so much London trivia to go round (“Sweeney Todd lived in Fleet Street”, “Buckingham Palace has 240 bedrooms”, “The Ritz sells expensive sandwiches”) but it’s amazing how many times locals and tourists are willing to buy this stuff. Well, this week there’s another historical trivia book out, packed with London facts, which claims to be a bit different. And it’s called…

I Never Knew That About London
Christopher Winn (Ebury Press) £9.99

I saw a copy of the book in Foyles, and checked out the back cover to see if it might be interesting. “Neasden is the home of the largest Hindu temple in Europe.” Yes, I blogged that last month. “Britain’s oldest and largest tidal mill can be found at Stratford in East London.” Yes, I know, I live just up the road. “…wedding cake… St Brides…” Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Vauxhall gave its name to the Russian word for station.” OK, that’s a bit different. So I took a look inside, and flicked through a bit, and noticed lots of things I didn’t actually know (in amongst the stuff I did).”

More at: diamondgeezer.blogspot.com

~ by Tom on 3 Oct, 2007.

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