How To Be Spy in London

“Secret documents released by the National Archives in 2005 include a guide written by a Russian spy in the 1930s, explaining to his colleagues how to avoid trouble while living in London. (To find it, go to the News menu, choose “New document releases”, then click “Releases in 2005″ and “Highlights” from March.)

His advice includes joining the Automobile Association, which at the time would conduct court cases for any member stopped for a driving offence, so saving the spy from having to appear in court in person; and to always arrange meetings in the “outlying districts”, but to travel to them via a large public building with many entrances and exits, “in order to make sure one is not shadowed”.

He lists a number of department stores and museums that are good for the purpose, but adds that the Science Museum is best of all.”

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~ by Tom on 26 Sep, 2007.

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