Kinder vs Ülker: Egg Wars.

“This is the thing. I’m pretty sure that in the beginning a Kinder Egg toy was something that needed some building. You built it and when it was finished it was normally bigger than the plastic yolk that the parts had come in. That was the point of the Kinder Egg… they’d ingeniously put inside them, toys that shouldn’t have been able to fit inside. But then it all went wrong. In my recollection it started with the Smurfs. The toys started being small little molded bits of plastic that you didn’t have to build… and obviously that means that they were all small enough to fit inside the egg in the first place. The first time I opened a Kinder Egg to find a small plastic Smurf I felt cheated. I mean what was the point?”

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~ by Tom on 14 Aug, 2007.

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